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  Hello There, My nameis Ralph Carnevale, Here at Ciclo Di Cuoio/ Cycle Leather We offer the Best 100%all Leather all hand selected. We use state of the art computer Designed tool tocut the leather out and pre punch holes for the perfect fit and look. It's allmade here in the USA. Our product gives you the chance to install yourself. To giveyou that professional look. Ciclo Di Cuoio/ Cycle Leather has package a completekit just for that person who wants the best .The kit comes with easy to follow instructions;to install the leather on your Road bicycle or track bike handlebars' as wellas 2 stitching needless, black and white thread, so that you can choose thelook you desire. Two sets handlebar plugs as well. The Classic look does therest.
 Best Regards, Enjoy Ciclo Di Cuoio