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  Customers Restoration Complemented by Ciclo Di Cuoio
kevin Munson

A brief history of the bike:  
 I purchased this 1964 Bianchi Pista (SN 164301... Jan 1964Bike #301) from Don Keenan who was the original owner.  Don purchasedthe bike new from Oscar Juener at American Cyclery in 1964.  Don was anamateur racer and rode the bike for most of it's existence.   The "Pre-Record" Campagnolo Record Pista group is alloriginal including the Cinelli badged stem and Cinelli Model 14 pistahandlebars.  I did replace the saddle with a period correct Brooks Swallowand replaced the rims with original equipment, New-Old Stock Nisi rims. The front Campy pista hub is 36 hole and the rear is a 40 holer with new spokesthat were tied and soldered... as they came from the factory.  The cranksetis the original 151 BCD Campagnolo Pista and the pedals are the VERY rare,original Campagnolo "Con-Dente" pista with original aluminum dust caps. The chain is an original, New-Old Stock Regina pista and the rear cog is anoriginal, New-Old Stock Campagnolo 16t cog with Italian threading.  Theheadset is an integrated Campagnolo headset.  All bearings were replacedwith Campagnolo grade 25 bearings and all races are in near perfectcondition.  The bottom bracket is the original steel/stainless steelCampagnolo BB with new Campy grade 25 bearings.  The races are in nearperfect condition.   Badger Metal Finishing did all the chrome work, GregSoftley the decals and Waterford the paint.  Erik's Bike's rebuilt thewheelset....and of course the bar grips are  Ciclo Di Cuoio yours.  
  My next project is a 1985 Ciocc Pista with an all Campagnolo C-Record NOSpista group.  Just gorgeous.  I will use your bar wraps Ciclo Di Cuoio for thisproject also. Joe Bell will be doing the paint.....Ferrari Red with aWhite Brooks Swallow saddle!